Z Gallery Arts @ CONTEXT art miami 2018 | Booth C332

Z gallery Art focuses here on four emerging painters, Khaled Alkhani, Xie Le, Ferle and Kangi ConnieWang. They explore, each in their own different universes and atmospheres, the strength of the movement.

Khaled Alkhani questions the social movement question. The women he paints have high faces and upright eyes, but their bodies seem caught up in a frenzied dance that nothing could stop. The brush strokes are lively, colourful, as overwhelmed by a fury of life. When you know the production of Khaled Alkhani, it is tempting to think that these women are Syrian. Then the idea of movement is hardened and joins the broth of the brushstrokes, an irrepressible echo made in times of migration that our era knows sadly too well.

The movement in Xie Lei’s works is more vegetable. He rises from the ground and snaps the wind. The paintings of the Chinese artist suggest a lush, luxuriant nature. This movement has something disturbing, uncertain, fascinating. One finds there a force, invincible and indomitable, that the XVIIIth century will think as the notion of sublime. Nature, in an incessant cycle, clams the whole extent of its vigour.

In Ferle’s works, the movement is different. She is tiny, regular and seems to be moving forward in an endless pace. Barely perceptible, it could be the furrow that light traces: clear and direct. Impenetrable space, dark and mysterious where time no longer seems to have a hold, it seems only to subsist in the paintings of the artist, far away, a glimmer, a form of life unknown.

Finally, in Kangi Connie Wang’s work, the movement is suspended. As in an endless fall in which we would have cut the sequences, the elements are stopped. If the view stops, if the elements are interrupted in their crazy course, it is because the artist is synesthete and plays with the senses …She brings the visitor into a world where they are entangled and where the body whole, allows to understand the work.

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