SHIELD by Ferle

OnView: Oct. 13th – Nov. 19th 2016
Artist Reception: Thursday Oct. 13th, 6PM – 8PM
Gallery Hours: Tuesday – Saturday, 11AM -6PM
102 – 1688 West 1st Avenue, Vancouver, BC Canada V6J 1G1

Vancouver’s new Z Gallery Arts, officially opens its doors October 13th, 2016. From 6PM-8PM, with their first solo exhibition celebrating the works of critically acclaimed French artist, Ferle.

Z Gallery Arts is pleased to announce : SHIELD by Ferle.

Ferle’s work defies categorical description, Deep and Rich, and they create new spaces and openings that take us to the infinite, inviting us to linger and explore. As art historian and curator Emmanuel Dayde explains “Ferle paints without support, floating in a cosmic space devoid of reference, which creates a journey. Her work is of great singularity, which explains its relative solitude.”

There is a fragility and quiet modesty that emanates from the Parisien painter whose small stature juxtaposes with the strength and size of her canvases, some nearly 2m in height. Working gesturally, putting her entire physical self into each creation, Ferle paints in the moment and without clear objects in mind. Her work falls somewhere between black and red, creating a deep rhythm that invites us to abandon all reference and submit to the spiritual.

Using Chinese red ink, ink sticks and ink stones, the artist works on the ground, shaking the brushes on the large scale fine linen sheets, the same kind used to repair old books. “Painting in the moment, it’s a way of being someone else, yet it is entirely me,” Ferle explains. “The surface of my work is a kind of formal equation in space which solves itself by gestural, physical means. This is the energy, which is constructed and which settles itself, with respect to the surface.” As art critic Hugo Brutin notes, “If you view Ferle’s paintings from a mathematical angle, you can see how they are carefully constructed. There is a lightness and intensity that must be seen to be experienced.”

Ferle is born in 1948, lives and works in Paris. Her solos were hosted by Zao Woo-Ki and the City of Paris Museum of Modern art, and collected by the National Contemporain Art funds(FNAC). Ferle’s work has being widely exhibited and included in several prominent collections in Europe (France, Denmark, Switzerland,Belgium…) , in Japan where she has regular shows and now in Vancouver, BC, Canada.

Vancouver’s newest art gallery, Z Gallery Arts, is dedicated to fostering the work of internationally established and emerging contemporary artists. It was created in order to promote and support intellectual and visual dialogue with artists from Paris and around the world.

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