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Ran Zhou @ Artnet

Why 23-Year-Old Artist Ran Zhou Began Buying Thousands of Plastic Dolls Online to Make a Disquieting New Series Though it may be hard to imagine an artist needing a change in direction at just 23 years old, Chinese-born multimedia artist Ran Zhou says this was very much the case when she came to Brooklyn earlier […]

Z Gallery Arts @ VOLTA NY 2020

A Winter Solstice Prayer | Ran Zhou Z Gallery Arts is pleased to presenting exhibition A Winter Solstice Prayer | Ran Zhou at VOLTA NY booth 2.06. Considering map as a form of power-knowledge, Ran Zhou’s solo show A Winter Solstice Prayerfocuses on destructing map, while reconstructing its relationship with the imaginary landscape. It attempts to […]

Artist Kinu Kamura Began Her Latest Series by Printing Screenshots From Instagram—and Ended Up Somewhere Else Entirely

The exhibition at Vancouver’s Z Gallery Arts brings together four new bodies of work by the French-Japanese artist. Katie White, June 28, 2019 “It’s layers upon layers upon layers,” says Kinu Kamura, the young French-Japanese artist currently showing at Z Gallery Arts in Vancouver. Her exhibition “Post Matter” brings together four recent bodies of work, each of which […]

Eesha Suhail @, Video by Sajjad Gohar

Eesha Suhail @ Magazine Somewhere in Pakistan 18th April, 2019

Somewhere in Pakistan, Magazine feature written by Omar Wasay 18th April, 2019 Click here to view the full catalogue.        


EXHIBITION: SYMBOLIC REALISM Saira Dar | July 15th, 2018 Lahore’s O Art Space Gallery continues to showcase the work of young, accom­plished artists. Its most recent exhibition, titled Forecast, included eight art graduates; five from the National College of Arts (NCA), and three from the Punjab University College of Art and Design (PUCAD). Eesha Suhail, […]

Jerome Rapin @ Univers des Arts

Jerome Rapin’s painting ‘Beauté Cachée : Robb II’ was selected by the magazine to be part of the double page (50-51) to present the ‘salon des artistes indépendants’ of the massive collective show ‘ART CAPITAL’ in Paris February 2019.