Jerome Rapin

Corps et Ames #8

Charcoal on paper


50 x 65cm

Jerome Rapin

Z Gallery Arts, Vancouver, BC

Corps et Ames #9

Charcoal on paper


50 x 65cm

Jerome Rapin

Z Gallery Arts, Vancouver, BC

Born in 1975, Roanne, France
Lives and works in France



UWIC : Cardiff University of Arts and Medias, BA hons interior design, Museography/scenography Cardiff UK


Ecole Centrale Marseille. Masters Physics, FRANCE


Math sup/spé Fauriel St Etienne, FRANCE


Baccalauréat, Roanne, FRANCE

professional experience


president-founder of ELEDONE, 3D and art visualization for design art and architecture, St Barthélemy, FWI


Senior interior architect, ODP, St Barthélemy FWI


Interior architect, CASSON-MANN London UK


junior designer, Paramount Office Design, Cardiff UK



-Corps et Ames | Jerome Rapin, July 4th – July 31st. 2019 Z Gallery Arts, Vancouver. BC

-‘Art CAPITAL’ : Salon des Artistes indépendants. Group show, Grand Palais, Paris,



-‘Des nuits sans voir le jour’, Solo exhibition, Porte Maubec, La Rochelle, FRANCE

-‘Beauté Cachée’ Solo show, ABBAYE ROYALE de St-Michel-en-l’Herm, FRANCE

-‘Solid’art’ (Foundation for organ donation) Group show, Porte Maubec, la Rochelle,


-‘Artist of the year’ in Pratique des Arts Magazine, for the portrait ‘Robb’


-‘Beauté cachée’ with photographer M. Gramm, Coco Eden Gallery, St Barthélemy,


-‘An Introduction to Photography’ Group show, SPACE gallery, St Barths FWI

-‘St Barthélemy’ Solo exhibition, PopUp Gallery, St Barths FWI


-Collective Summer exhibition. Virson, France


– London Art Fair with Degree Art Gallery, London UK


-Watercolour Art Fair with Degree Art Gallery, London UK


-Group shows, Degree Art Gallery, London UK


-‘Stark’ Solo Exhibition, CG Fine Art Gallery, London UK

-University of Wales: Degree show, Cardiff UK


-Group shows, Kooywood Gallery, Cardiff UK


-‘Drawings’ Solo Exhibition, Amoeba, Bristol UK


-‘Drawings’ Solo Exhibition, The Strawberry Gallery, Bristol UK

-‘1000 blacks and Whites’, Solo Exhibition, ‘151’, Bristol UK

Possible Cause of Life | Jerome Rapin

On View: Sept 12th –  Nov 9th, 2019 

Gallery Hours:   Fri – Sat 11 AM – 5 PM. And by Appointment

Location: 102 – 1688 West 1st Avenue, Vancouver, BC Canada V6J 1G1

Contacts: [email protected]

Femme assise sure un banc, 2019

Oil on linen canvas

Jerome Rapin

Z Gallery Arts, Vancouver, BC


Jérôme Rapin’s preferred medium is the drawing. He draws with a quick line and captures the

body of his models at the moment. The body is the real subject of this series, not the face, but

the feminine flesh recognizable by a posture, an attribute, a frozen movement, a whole that

characterizes the body in its entirety. The colour appears in this series by the use of painting, a

painting with very Baconian inspirations and where we clearly feel the influence of Lucian

Freud which the artist admires. It could determine a carnation similar to the way that it’s treated

by the Bulgarian artist Oda Jaune. Both, Jérôme Rapin and Oda Jaune need to show what is

hidden under the surface of appearances. Then the pink shades mingle with the gray and pull

towards the green to embrace an unconventional body. No stereotype, no smooth and sublimated

aesthetics but assembled fragments of coloured skins that translate an ambiguity: how can the

body be so resistant and so fragile at the same time? Sometimes skin hides the worst pain. Here,

it is the disease that transpires, the one that Jerome Rapin was able to observe closely because he

sees his mother in the fight against cancer since a very young age. It is especially from her that

he has learned the danger of medication, and from her that he has understood the pangs of

allopathic medicine that heals somewhere to destroy elsewhere. Then the pieces of the painted

skins, those of the “woman in the gray room” intertwine together in a common murmur, that of

an ever alive body that reads each being to its materiality and finiteness.


art critic Sandra Barre