1. How do I apply to exhibit my artwork at ZGALLERYARTS?
Click here please check this form to add to fill out an application for an exhibition. If you are on a tablet or mobile phone, please click the VIEW FULL SITE link in the bottom left corner of the page, then visit Artist Submission

2. Can artists living outside of Canada apply?
Yes! We do exhibit international artists, however, due to shipping logistics the application process is more selective for artists living outside of Canada the United States. When a work is purchased, our international artists must professionally package and ship the art themselves and submit receipts for reimbursement. If you have experience shipping internationally we encourage you to apply. Please note that we cannot work with artists who live in countries that are embargoed by the U.S government. These countries include but may not be limited to: Cuba, Iran, Syria, North Korea, Sudan, and the Crimea region of Ukraine.

3. What does the application entail?
The application is a simple, four-step process that takes about 10-15 minutes. We ask for your contact information, artistic background, and 10 digital images of your artwork.

4. Why ask for my birthday on the application?
We need to ensure that you are old enough to legally sell your work with us.

5. What kind of artwork do you show?
We exhibit original art in every genre, style, size, and media with the exception of video art. All work is vetted by our curators before going on display. Our goal is to offer clients a diverse selection of two- and three-dimensional media. We do not show reproductions of original pieces, such as giclées.

6. What is your commission structure?
We split the sale of artwork 50/50.

7. How long has Zgalleryarts been in business?
We opened  in October 2016 and have continued to grow ever since. We’ve sold art to clients in every U.S. state and other countries around the world.

8. If I exhibit my work at Zgalleryarts, may I seek other gallery representation?
We require exclusivity on the artworks shown on the zgalleryarts site, and  it cannot be on other art marketplaces. However, we encourage you to pursue brick-and-mortar gallery representation while showing with zgalleryarts. This increases the exposure of your work and your chances for success.

9. How long does my artwork need to remain exclusive to zgalleryarts?
Each artwork that you show on zgalleryarts needs to be exclusive to us for the entire time we represent the piece. An artwork can be removed from the website with two weeks’ notice, but only after that artwork has been on the website for at least three months. Artists may not remove artwork from their portfolios during their 12 months showing with zgalleryarts.

10. How should my artwork be finished for zgalleryarts? All artwork must be finished professionally before you photograph it for the site. That means the edges should be cleanly finished, and artwork on stretched or cradled surfaces must be wired for hanging. For artworks that are longer than 36 inches, stretcher bars must be at least 1.5 inches deep. Unfortunately we cannot accept stretched canvases with staples in the sides. Staples on the back are acceptable as long as they are not visible when the artwork is hung on the wall.

11. Does zgalleryarts sell framed artwork?
We prefer to sell artwork unframed. This allows clients to select frames that suit their decor, or to display the work unframed if preferred.

12. When and how do I get paid for sold artwork?
We pay artists 30-40 days after an artwork is delivered to the client. Artists located in the United States may choose to be paid via direct deposit or, and international artists may select PayPal or wire transfer.

13. How do I report my zgalleryarts earnings for tax purposes?
You will be responsible for reporting your income through zgalleryarts on your own. Artists are considered consignors rather than contractors under our business model, so no forms are not provided.

14. Who owns the rights to my artwork once it is sold?
You retain the rights to your art after it is sold.

15. Who should I contact with additional questions?
You may reach out to our Artist Engagement team at [email protected]. Please note that we cannot accept artist applications via email, and we do not take phone calls from applicants. If you are accepted to exhibit with zgalleryarts, you will have an opportunity to ask questions over the phone during an on-boarding call. Please do not email with questions answered above, as we will not respond to these inquiries.